How to Stop Migraines in Their Tracks

Migraines, Headaches, Migraine, Headache, Migraine ReliefMigraine pain can be excruciating at its worst. Researchers are working on a new treatment to freeze migraines. Literally.

Migraine Facts:

Migraines are now considered to be a neurological disease because of the amount of people that are affected by the condition. Stanford Medicine reports that 1 in 4 Americans suffers from migraine headaches.(1) The cost of the condition is an estimated loss of 30 billion dollars in productivity, let alone the loss of time from work. Many people aren’t getting any solutions to the problem and are looking for new ways to get relief.

Chilling Out Migraines:

New ways of treating patients are always being explored as migraines do not have one simple solution. They are unique to each patient and involve different aspects of the brain, nerves, and blood flow to the head. Stanford doctors are trying to put the problem on ice. A new device for treatment delivers a targeted blast of cold that is designed to deaden the signals that nerves send to the brain.(2) Patients are thrilled to get relief with this new treatment, but it is only temporary and does not correct the root issue.

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Getting to the Core:

It is all too common for these new treatments to be revealed and give new hope until the effects wear off shortly after. As a migraine specialist, I have seen many treatment fads come and go, but I prefer to find the cause of the problem. As an upper cervical chiropractor, I focus on the role of the upper neck as it relates to headaches. The first bone under the head, known as the atlas, has a huge effect on brain stimulus, nerve function, and blood flow if it is out of its proper position. If this misalignment is unaddressed, migraines often develop as a result over time.

Instead of treating the pain related to migraines, I perform a detailed examination and create a custom adjustment for each patient based on his or her particular misalignment. Studies have shown that migraine patients receiving this care get natural migraine relief in as little as one adjustment.(3) Once the atlas is in the proper position, migraines often resolve for long periods of time.


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