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Dr Gottlieb headshot, Sacramento CA Upper Cervical ChiropracticDr. Gottlieb has a unique approach to creating a pain free and healthy life for his patients. Patients from all over Northern California and even from other states have come to Dr. Gottlieb because of his reputation for achieving results with the most chronic difficult cases.

What is the secret to Dr. Gottlieb’s outstanding results?

He aligns the entire spine through the upper neck using a very precise formula for correction that is developed by analyzing postural and x-ray data gathered during the examination. His focus is on the top two vertebrae located in the upper neck. The top vertebrae is called the Atlas while the vertebrae directly below is known as the Axis. Adjusting this area is a very powerful system of spinal restoration based on the body’s own engineering and design. Because each individual is different, this system is designed to assess each person’s spine individually to determine if correction/restoration is necessary.

Macro-traumas such an auto accident causing whiplash or multiple micro-traumas like bumping your head getting out of the car can cause the atlas and axis vertebrae to misalign. When the Atlas misaligns, compression of the brainstem may result. This can cause distortion of the signals that flow from the brain through the nervous system feeding all parts of the body.Highlighted Back, Sacramento CA Upper Cervical Chiropractic This phenomenon, known as the Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC), results in malfunction of the body’s ability to heal and restore health.

When the atlas vertebrae misaligns the weight of the head which is about 8-14 lbs will shift off the center of the top of the neck. In an effort to keep the head over the center of the neck, the spine and pelvis will compensate by twisting causing one leg to be shorter than another. This often can lead to pain anywhere in the body including the lower back because of these compensations causing abnormal muscle tension. The goal of the adjustment is to balance the structures of the spine and pelvis via the upper neck to allow proper function throughout the nervous system, promoting health and healing naturally. For the patient this can mean a permanent resolution of their pain or health problems.

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